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Perrault Chiropractic

Serving in Methuen since 1962



We want to feel better, be stronger, have more energy, and a more positive outlook. Along with cleaning up our diets, we strive to exercise properly, sleep enough, and reduce our stress. Now more than ever, we also look to reduce our dependence on prescription drugs. And most importantly, we must make sure that our spine and nervous system are at their best, as our health depends on them.

Your nervous system is the key to your body working at its best and it depends on a healthy spine. Your PCO chiropractor is committed to helping your spine and nervous system reach their optimum performance.

Take the steps necessary for better health and call for an appointment today. Our doctors and staff are happy to help you reach your goal of a healthier you!

We Are Open During This Time Of Covid-19, and Here For You.

Chiropractic is an essential service and is available for both established and new patients. Our office hours remain the same. We practice all recommended guidelines and protocols for a safe environment for our patients and staff members. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office, we would be happy to address them.

Our Professional Mission

Since 1962, Perrault Chiropractic has been providing quality chiropractic care in a friendly, comfortable environment. Our continuing professional goal is to provide natural health care services for patients with acute injuries, chronic conditions, and for those seeking wellness naturally through chiropractic care. We look to empower our patients with the knowledge they need to achieve their health care goals and make educated health care decisions.


Combined, our doctors have over 100 years of clinical experience.

Our doctors listen carefully to your health concerns, then conduct the indicated chiropractic evaluation to ensure you are an appropriate candidate for care here in our office. If you are accepted as a patient and wish to be treated, you’ll be educated on how your health condition relates to your spine before delivering the effective chiropractic care you need. Whether your goal is to get out of pain, to get better and stay well, maintain your health, or prevent problems in the future, our doctors look forward to working with you to achieve your health care goals for you and your entire family.

Chiropractic Services For Everyone

Sports and Wellness Care

Family Chiropractic Care

Preventative Services

Massage Therapy Services are Available

Since October 2008, massage therapy services have been available at our office. Colleen is a board-certified Massage Therapist and is available to provide services or answer your question. To learn more about massage availability, call the office at (978) 686-7791.

No Interference

The human body has an amazing ability to maintain and heal itself. This ability is controlled and coordinated by way of the nervous system, allowing all the systems in our body to function fully. Interference to the nervous system interferes with this ability and therefore creates problems. Chiropractic care looks to clear away interference of the nervous system through specific treatment of the spine. Removing this interference allows your body to regain its normal function and be healthier.

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